United We Stand

This year we people of good will have been divided and distracted by two presidential candidates that everyone loves to hate, while our families and communities have been suffering from neglect. But it’s time to start looking past November 8th. You don’t have to be scared of the big bad other party anymore. It’s OK to admit that your favorite candidate is also imperfect, or even gravely flawed. As Tenth Avenue North said, “This is where the healing begins”.

The only way our democracy can survive is if we find common ground once again and return to common sense. There are many organizations both new and old that are well-poised to reunite people from both sides of the divide who are actively seeking the common good.

  • The American Solidarity Party: A movement inspired by Christian ideals that seeks to fight both abortion and poverty. It aspires to protect both traditional marriage and the environment. This party knows families need both a safety net and school choice. Their growth over the past year has been exponential, and their presidential candidate Mike Maturen earned official write-in status in most states.
  • The And Campaign: Another movement started by Christians who are tired of the violence and division in our cities and are standing up for the best of the left and the right. From their latest Facebook post: “The nuclear family and abortion are moral issues. Poverty and inequality are moral issues. They’re all moral issues. Let’s go.”
  • The Catholic Church: In a country that is never more polarized than it is on Sunday morning, the Catholic church refuses to be cut apart along political lines. As Crux magazine recently observed: “It’s almost one-quarter of the American population, it spans the white/Latino divide more than any other social institution in the country, and it’s one of the few demographic cohorts that has a foot in basically all the ideological and political camps. Catholicism also has a truly national reach – a total of almost 18,000 parishes, located in every nook and cranny of the country.” And its vote is almost evenly split between those who fight against abortion and those who fight against poverty. A candidate who rises up to fight against both will earn the respect of both sides and the windfall of votes that come with it.

But we can’t just sit back and watch these organizations mobilize. It’s time to start now, regardless of the results on Nov. 8, and tell our neighbors, our family, our friends, our coworkers that we need not be divided any longer. We really can have the best of both worlds, not the worst of both worlds that is offered to us by the media. We give food to the homeless. We stand with 40 Days for Life. We do our part to conserve the environment. We cannot redefine the word marriage. We are willing to sacrifice so that the less fortunate can have health care. We live our faith together in the public square. Join us.

Deliver Us From Evil

In this age of dystopian novels and slanderous politicians, it seems that fear has gone mainstream. So many people, scared of what they think is coming, are putting up mental and physical walls of defense to try to keep out what they perceive to be the bad stuff. For some, hoarding money is a way to convince themselves that they’re secure. For others, it’s insulting any ideas that they don’t understand. Some are scared of terrorists, others of getting sick. Trying to share good news with this type of world feels kind of like parenting a teenager. We desperately want to help them, but they fight back because they don’t want to be helped.

What would happen if we focused our efforts on the real threats to our society instead of wasting our time putting others down? Yes I think most people agree that we need a strong national defense against terrorists. It seems just as obvious to me that we need a strong national defense against disease. What if our doctors and nurses were treated with as much importance as the military? Again, I think most people agree that there are lingering racial biases in our country that need to be overcome. It seems just as obvious to me that the traditional family is under attack. What if we defended marriages with the same passion that we defended minorities?

Only the American Solidarity Party takes a consistent stance for a sensible national defense, single-payer health care system, strengthening traditional marriage and families, and fighting against discrimination. Let’s put those fears behind us and get on with building a strong community together.

The War at Home

I am amazed when I read about the personal sacrifice made by so many Americans during World War II.  Our nation’s production of goods ramped up dramatically as millions of people took jobs and the average work week lengthened.  Meanwhile, consumption was curtailed as rations were enforced on meat and clothing, and most families were limited to three gallons of gas per week. People were willing to give more and take less because they believed in the cause strongly enough to sacrifice for it.  The ultimate economic result was that the personal savings rate was the highest of any time in the last century.

In contrast, recent wars have been funded by borrowing from future generations. There’s no way that voters today would support rationing, conscription or sacrificial tax rates to fight the ambiguous enemy of “terror”. And perhaps the people are right; it’s easy to talk tough, but if ordinary people are not willing to put some skin in the game, maybe that’s a sign that these recent wars are not as clearly justifiable. If we limited the amount of debt we can accumulate in policing the world, it might force us to think twice about which battles (if any) are worth fighting.

To put it frankly, I can’t trust my government to enforce its morality on the world, when I no longer trust it’s own morality at home. It was Jesus who cautioned: “First take the log out of your own eye; then you will see well enough to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Only when we have ended our policy of pre-emptive strikes, drone attacks against civilians, and torture can we begin to reduce international tensions enough to lead the way to peace. To influence the world, we must win back their trust, showing them that we’re still willing to sacrifice for the common good.


Conservation or Waste?

After ten years investigating the efficiency of our nation’s food supply, an anthropologist from the University of Arizona found that nearly half of the edible food in the United States gets thrown away. While much of this waste happens at the agricultural or commercial level, the average family of four tosses out $590 worth of meat, fruits, vegetables and grain products per year. What is true for food is also true of so many other household items. A survey of garbage in New York City shows that 32 percent of household trash is now containers and packaging. Non-durable goods (products used less than three years) are 27 percent, and durable goods are 16 percent.  All three of these categories were virtually insignificant 100 years ago.

Logically, anyone who claims to be conservative should support conservation of our natural resources and the environment. As we stand up for the dignity of human life, we must also work to preserve the plant and animal life, the water cycle and fertile soil that makes human life possible and enjoyable. The “throw-away” culture in America is a sign of a deep inefficiency in our manufacturing and distribution system, which makes it much more difficult to repair a piece of furniture locally than it is to just a buy a new one made by overseas labor. As a result, we are consuming at a rate that cannot be sustained long-term, while at the same time setting a bad example for the developing countries who are trying to become like us.

When we make decisions at a smaller scale, we can see the results of our consumption locally, and it’s easier to follow basic principles such as planting a tree for each one we use and moving population to places where water is available. In his encyclical Laudato Si, Pope Francis asks:

Is it realistic to hope that those who are obsessed with maximizing profits will stop to reflect on the environmental damage which they will leave behind for future generations? Where profits alone count, there can be no thinking about the rhythms of nature, its phases of decay and regeneration, or the complexity of ecosystems which may be gravely upset by human intervention…

Efforts to promote a sustainable use of natural resources are not a waste of money, but rather an investment capable of providing other economic benefits in the medium term. 

We have a responsibility to preserve the legacy that has been handed down to us and pass it on to future generations. The American Solidarity Party is unique in its commitment to stand up for the natural cycle of life, including the environment, the family, and the children not yet born, against the materialism that seeks to destroy them.


Family Farms

My grandma was raised on a cotton farm in Arizona in the 1930′s and 40′s. Her parents worked hard on their land and in the home, not merely for wages but to directly provide for the needs of their six children. They mended clothes, prepared meals, and built fences for themselves without the need to exchange money or be counted in any economic statistics. We all have similar stories about grandparents and great-grandparents whose contribution to the common good wasn’t fully visible until their children and grandchildren grew up and became doctors, teachers, auto mechanics and computer programmers, ensuring that our civilization survives for another generation.

Traditional economics ignores all this and assumes that new people will magically appear into a country to replace those who pass away. When this process is going well, there is growth.  When this is not happening, we see the Chair of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen remarking as she did yesterday about “an aging labor force” and “low household formation” holding our nation back. All that means is that we haven’t had enough children for our nation to continue the same level of prosperity that it had in the past. As labor becomes scarce, we see services becoming expensive while material goods become cheap. And as Americans abandon the occupation of farming in astonishing numbers, we necessarily require immigration to do work that we’re no longer willing or able to do for ourselves.

One thing is for sure: every single farmer, doctor, construction worker, painter and burger flipper owes his or her existence to a man and woman who came together to bring new life into the world. For many years unselfish caretakers formed them into adults while getting nothing in return. We as a nation have a vested interest in ensuring that men and women continue to come together and form stable, fruitful relationships. Where families are flourishing and empowered, the nation will be strong. In the long run, both men and women contribute more to society at home than they can earning wages for a mega-corporation. We can’t all return to the farm, but we do need to find a way to bring that life-giving love of my great-grandparents into the 21st century.


What is Health Care?

Several of my children have specialized medical needs, so I’ve been to my share of neurologists, psychologists, orthodontists, and pulmonologists. One thing I’ve noticed is that it’s so hard to get on their schedule… the doctors are usually booked out at least a month in advance. With all the recent talk about health care reform, I wonder why no one wants to talk about the most obvious problem: there are simply not enough providers to meet everyone’s needs. No amount of shuffling money or insurance policies around will make more time on the doctor’s schedules. It’s no wonder the cost keeps going up; we’re now in a bidding war to see who is lucky enough to get treated. When the problem is stated so simply, one solution seems clear: encourage more people to go through medical school. Invest in higher education and ensure that those who want to serve in that profession have generous scholarships.

But going deeper, I wonder if we are even getting the best use out of the medicine we already have. Why are we forcing companies to subsidize abortifacient drugs, while epileptics have to pay full-price to stop their seizures? Why are doctors more likely to recommend the latest patented chemical formula than time-tested homeopathic remedies? Why can someone legally get drugs to commit suicide, yet that same person is not allowed to try cannabis to ease their pain?

Something tells me that it’s money, not medical science that’s setting these priorities. We need to open our eyes to the needs of ordinary families rather than the corporate and social lobbyists with their global agendas. In time, after we remove the barriers to educating doctors and bring our regulations back in line with natural law, we may even be able to set up a system where the average person worries no more about the cost of medical care than they do about the cost of the interstate highways or public television. Until then, may the example of saints like Mother Teresa replace greed for profit with the Christian charity that inspired the very first hospitals many centuries ago.


It Starts with Life

Many years ago, there was a young woman with a crisis pregnancy. Rejected by her neighbors, she was forced by the government to leave her home and return to the land of her ancestors. Whatever plans she had for her career or her education had to be abandoned as she started her new life as a mother. But courageously, Mary chose life and brought her son Jesus into the world.

After the baby was born, things went from bad to worse. A band of government-sponsored terrorists threatened her child’s life and forced her to flee her country. Narrowly, with the help of her husband, she escaped to Egypt where they remained until the regime was overthrown. While there, this small family received just enough help and support from the natives to live a simple life in hiding and provide for Jesus’ needs.

It’s scary to think about what would’ve happened to the Holy Family had this scenario played out in our modern world. Where do poor mothers go for help? There are billboards and pop-up ads pressuring them to terminate their pregnancies. Our culture of fear no longer welcomes immigrants, even when they have nowhere else to go. If they were lucky, Mary and Jesus would’ve ended up in a homeless shelter.

The American Solidarity Party is the only party in the United States that would have supported Jesus both in the womb and as a refugee. We support a constitutional amendment to guarantee from conception the same unalienable right to life that is specified in our Declaration of Independence. We call for adequate social services and support for women, immigrants and other vulnerable persons who are walking among us. Only this two-pronged approach will bring hope to those who so desperately need it today.

Why Solidarity?

Out of all the tragedies in the twentieth century, one of the more tragic is the continuous bullying of Poland from both left and right. They had already been traded several times between German and Russian occupiers when the Nazis tried to put an end to their nation. They survived the war, but their brief hopes of freedom were crushed by the Communists who ruled with an iron fist for nearly 50 years.

One thing we can learn from their history is that we should never let ourselves be forced to choose between the “lesser of two evils”.  When the materialists and imperialists  are battling for our country, we need to have the courage to resist them both. The enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend.

The Church inspired a new generation of Poles to rise up under the banner of “solidarity”—putting the common good of common people ahead of the powerful and their agendas. In the same way, we Americans now have a unique opportunity to unite those who can no longer in good conscience support the corrupt mainline political parties.

The American Solidarity Party welcomes all those who have been cast overboard by the culture and are looking for an island of common sense. We have chosen as our emblem the pelican, a classic symbol of charity. Like the legendary pelican mother who is willing to sacrifice herself for her chicks, we are ordinary people who are giving our lives for our families and communities daily. We have no ambitions of power, but we cannot remain silent while our nation capsizes. Stick around here and read about our platform, and join the discussion about how to restore justice for every family.