Monthly Archives: October 2016

Deliver Us From Evil

In this age of dystopian novels and slanderous politicians, it seems that fear has gone mainstream. So many people, scared of what they think is coming, are putting up mental and physical walls of defense to try to keep out what they perceive to be the bad stuff. For some, hoarding money is a way to convince themselves that they’re secure. For others, it’s insulting any ideas that they don’t understand. Some are scared of terrorists, others of getting sick. Trying to share good news with this type of world feels kind of like parenting a teenager. We desperately want to help them, but they fight back because they don’t want to be helped.

What would happen if we focused our efforts on the real threats to our society instead of wasting our time putting others down? Yes I think most people agree that we need a strong national defense against terrorists. It seems just as obvious to me that we need a strong national defense against disease. What if our doctors and nurses were treated with as much importance as the military? Again, I think most people agree that there are lingering racial biases in our country that need to be overcome. It seems just as obvious to me that the traditional family is under attack. What if we defended marriages with the same passion that we defended minorities?

Only the American Solidarity Party takes a consistent stance for a sensible national defense, single-payer health care system, strengthening traditional marriage and families, and fighting against discrimination. Let’s put those fears behind us and get on with building a strong community together.