Why Solidarity?

Out of all the tragedies in the twentieth century, one of the more tragic is the continuous bullying of Poland from both left and right. They had already been traded several times between German and Russian occupiers when the Nazis tried to put an end to their nation. They survived the war, but their brief hopes of freedom were crushed by the Communists who ruled with an iron fist for nearly 50 years.

One thing we can learn from their history is that we should never let ourselves be forced to choose between the “lesser of two evils”.  When the materialists and imperialists  are battling for our country, we need to have the courage to resist them both. The enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend.

The Church inspired a new generation of Poles to rise up under the banner of “solidarity”—putting the common good of common people ahead of the powerful and their agendas. In the same way, we Americans now have a unique opportunity to unite those who can no longer in good conscience support the corrupt mainline political parties.

The American Solidarity Party welcomes all those who have been cast overboard by the culture and are looking for an island of common sense. We have chosen as our emblem the pelican, a classic symbol of charity. Like the legendary pelican mother who is willing to sacrifice herself for her chicks, we are ordinary people who are giving our lives for our families and communities daily. We have no ambitions of power, but we cannot remain silent while our nation capsizes. Stick around here and read about our platform, and join the discussion about how to restore justice for every family.

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