It Starts with Life

Many years ago, there was a young woman with a crisis pregnancy. Rejected by her neighbors, she was forced by the government to leave her home and return to the land of her ancestors. Whatever plans she had for her career or her education had to be abandoned as she started her new life as a mother. But courageously, Mary chose life and brought her son Jesus into the world.

After the baby was born, things went from bad to worse. A band of government-sponsored terrorists threatened her child’s life and forced her to flee her country. Narrowly, with the help of her husband, she escaped to Egypt where they remained until the regime was overthrown. While there, this small family received just enough help and support from the natives to live a simple life in hiding and provide for Jesus’ needs.

It’s scary to think about what would’ve happened to the Holy Family had this scenario played out in our modern world. Where do poor mothers go for help? There are billboards and pop-up ads pressuring them to terminate their pregnancies. Our culture of fear no longer welcomes immigrants, even when they have nowhere else to go. If they were lucky, Mary and Jesus would’ve ended up in a homeless shelter.

The American Solidarity Party is the only party in the United States that would have supported Jesus both in the womb and as a refugee. We support a constitutional amendment to guarantee from conception the same unalienable right to life that is specified in our Declaration of Independence. We call for adequate social services and support for women, immigrants and other vulnerable persons who are walking among us. Only this two-pronged approach will bring hope to those who so desperately need it today.

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