United We Stand

This year we people of good will have been divided and distracted by two presidential candidates that everyone loves to hate, while our families and communities have been suffering from neglect. But it’s time to start looking past November 8th. You don’t have to be scared of the big bad other party anymore. It’s OK to admit that your favorite candidate is also imperfect, or even gravely flawed. As Tenth Avenue North said, “This is where the healing begins”.

The only way our democracy can survive is if we find common ground once again and return to common sense. There are many organizations both new and old that are well-poised to reunite people from both sides of the divide who are actively seeking the common good.

  • The American Solidarity Party: A movement inspired by Christian ideals that seeks to fight both abortion and poverty. It aspires to protect both traditional marriage and the environment. This party knows families need both a safety net and school choice. Their growth over the past year has been exponential, and their presidential candidate Mike Maturen earned official write-in status in most states.
  • The And Campaign: Another movement started by Christians who are tired of the violence and division in our cities and are standing up for the best of the left and the right. From their latest Facebook post: “The nuclear family and abortion are moral issues. Poverty and inequality are moral issues. They’re all moral issues. Let’s go.”
  • The Catholic Church: In a country that is never more polarized than it is on Sunday morning, the Catholic church refuses to be cut apart along political lines. As Crux magazine recently observed: “It’s almost one-quarter of the American population, it spans the white/Latino divide more than any other social institution in the country, and it’s one of the few demographic cohorts that has a foot in basically all the ideological and political camps. Catholicism also has a truly national reach – a total of almost 18,000 parishes, located in every nook and cranny of the country.” And its vote is almost evenly split between those who fight against abortion and those who fight against poverty. A candidate who rises up to fight against both will earn the respect of both sides and the windfall of votes that come with it.

But we can’t just sit back and watch these organizations mobilize. It’s time to start now, regardless of the results on Nov. 8, and tell our neighbors, our family, our friends, our coworkers that we need not be divided any longer. We really can have the best of both worlds, not the worst of both worlds that is offered to us by the media. We give food to the homeless. We stand with 40 Days for Life. We do our part to conserve the environment. We cannot redefine the word marriage. We are willing to sacrifice so that the less fortunate can have health care. We live our faith together in the public square. Join us.

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